August 2020

I did a livestream with Abigail Richardson-Schulte and Christina Volpini from the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra to discuss my upcoming work, Koatl that will be premiered on June, 2021. Check it out on Facebook!

June 2020

The classical music world is overwhelmingly white and male. It is embarrassing to admit that it was only a few years ago when I understood how problematic this systemic racism is, but I want to take action and improve things within my field. I wrote this arrangement for piano of George Walker's "Lyric", a beautiful piece of music that I thought would be an appropriate counterpoint to the chaotic state of the present world. I am hopeful that times are changing, and I hope you consider incorporating and advocating for the music of marginalized communities in your performances.

Dedicated to the victims of police abuse. #BlackLivesMatter

May 2020

I am truly honoured to have received the prestigious Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Award from the 2019 SSHRC Doctoral Awards competition. This is the most encouraging award I have ever received and it will significantly assist me in the completion of my doctoral studies.

February 2020

I had a lovely conversation with Matthew Fava from the Canadian Music Centre about my Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Fellowship, tango, and Jacob Collier. Additionally, I was featured in their Earmark series with a brief interview as a newly CMC Associate Composer.

January 2020

My band Amarras Tango Quintet and I have received a generous Music Creation Project grant by the Ontario Arts Council. They commissioned me to write ten new tangos for our first album. The concept for this album is to examine different angles of multiculturalism through tango. I explore ideas of identity, cultural hegemony, resistance, and collectivity, among many others. In a similar vein to the emergence of Tango in Buenos Aires, Toronto facilitates the perfect environment to explore these subjects through the music of tango.

November 2019

I have been selected to write a piece for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and could not be more delighted! I am so happy to be a part of this mentorship opportunity with Gemma New and Composer-in-Residence Abigail Richardson-Schulte. The piece will premiere on May 21st, 2020. You can read more about it here.

September 2019

Recently, my work for symphony orchestra, Chido, was awarded the first prize of the Sir Ernest Macmillan awards of the SOCAN Foundation. You can listen to this recording here: 

August 2019

Azure, for viola and piano, was premiered during AugustFest by Greg Hay and Donna Laube. This is my most recent work and I was extremely happy with the results. Azure is like a fast-paced road trip over the Manitoban prairies, driving swiftly through its seasons, colors, and scenery.

Here are the videos of each movement, I hope you enjoy!

April 2019​

I was fortunate to collaborate with Daniel Ramjattan in composing my piece for guitar and audio, Singularity as a participant of the CMC Class Axe 2019. It was premiered in Toronto by Daniel Ramjattan, in Montreal by An-Laurence Higgins, in Ottawa by Craig Visser and in Vancouver by Michael Bemmels.

June 2018

My most ambitious project up to date! This work has taken me two years to finish and I am finally able to deliver it in its final form. I hope you enjoy My First Vlog:

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