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My artistic pursuits are deeply rooted in my profound belief in music's ability to foster connections among individuals. My work as a composer is motivated by a strong desire to learn more about the world, and it is this curiosity that has led me to investigate a wide variety of sources of inspiration, such as internet culture, Mexican folklore, and artificial intelligence.


My lifelong curiosity ignited an early passion for piano music, despite lacking a musical family background or resources. From discovering obscure Russian classical pieces on the internet to formally studying music in Canada, these experiences have not only nurtured my passion for music but also shaped my path as a composer. Overcoming challenges to pursue my craft instilled a deep gratitude for the privilege of writing music and connecting with audiences today.


Beyond the role of a composer, I perceive myself as a puzzle-solver. I derive immense pleasure from identifying connections between contrasting musical gestures and figuring out how to weave them together into a cohesive piece. The core of my compositional strategy centers on storytelling, and my passion for learning fuels my exploration of these subjects.


My compositions can be broadly classified into three categories, each with its own specific focus. The first category encompasses pieces that employ a conceptual, extramusical approach to storytelling. I envision the development of the piece in a cinematographic way, using methods similar to video editing, lighting setups, and color palettes and converting them to compositional effects. Many of these works, particularly my orchestral pieces, further incorporate elements of my Mexican heritage.


The second category represents pieces where the craft of composition takes precedence. Here, the excitement comes from experimenting with the piece's creation and presentation medium, sometimes adding multimedia components or creatively manipulating musical parameters. These experiments might involve deconstructing structural architectures, merging traditional and contemporary techniques, creating a distinctive harmonic language informed by human speech, or deriving all musical parameters from a single motif. My chamber works generally follow these rules and frequently explore themes found in internet culture. For me, this category acts as a laboratory where I can experiment and alter any variable while putting more emphasis on the process than the final product.


The third category comprises works that are introspective, delving into aspects of my personal life. These pieces adhere to more conventional formats and melodies while simultaneously pushing boundaries concerning harmony and structure. My tangos belong to this category, and while my other works are intertwined with my life, these tangos represent the most intimate expressions of my life experiences.


My musical philosophy resonates with certain post-modernist ideals - blurring the boundaries between past and present sonorities and procedures, challenging barriers between "high" and "low" styles, considering music’s cultural and social context, and emphasizing the equal importance of listeners, performers, and composers.


Above all, I perceive live music as a celebration of human ingenuity and understanding. My work is deeply grounded in an appreciation for the audience's ability to explore, feel, and think. My goal is to provoke curiosity in listeners - to weave the familiar with the unexpected, eliciting fresh insights and emotions, and forming a connection with them. In an era characterized by increasing automation, this shared quest for beauty makes the experience of live music more meaningful than ever.

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